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Date17 December 2013 8:46 am
ByHari Wicaksono


Pengumuman Outing Class untuk Mahasiswa Keperawatan S1 semester 7

Date17 December 2013 8:46 am
ByHari Wicaksono

Outing Class Announcement for Semester 7. The outing class will be held:

Day/Time: Thursday/ January 2nd, 2014, at 06.00 am until 03.00 pm

Location: PT Palawi Risorsi

Ticket fare: IDR 50.000/student

What will you get from this outing class?

  1. Entrance Fee
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Outbond Activities
  4. Snack
  5. Lunch
  6. Transportation
  7. Doorprize

Why should you join this event?

  1. It will be counted as three (3) meetings
  2. It is a requirement of your thesis proposal
  3. It contributes to your final examination score

More information:

Outing Class SHB

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